Why NCARE White Peony?

Neden Beyaz Şakayık


If you have/feel one or more below:
•swelling •pain •bleeding •inflammation •burning •ache •itching •ulcer

How Does It Cure?

After and during treatment; stay away the reasons of anal fissure or hemorrhoids.
If you have hemorrhoids because of constipation, you should find a solution for constipation additionally.

NCARE is the best risk-free alternative to the surgery.

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Suggested Use

You may take it with water at morning, noon and evening after meals.

Each bottle includes 120 tablets. It must be taken for minimum 10 days, maximum 40 days.

The time difference between each meal must be at least 4 hours.

For adults
3 times a day, 3-4 tablets per time. (3 times x 3 tablets)

Children between 6-12 years
3 times a day, 3 tablets per time. (3 times x 2 tablets)

Children between 13-23 kgs (28-50 lbs)
3 times a day, 2 tablets per time. (3 times x 1 tablets)
Tablets can be mixed with food or fruit juice after mashing.



Until now, no drug interactions have been reported in clinical studies. But white peony herb has some interactions with some medicines. You should not use NCARE with these medicines:

If you feel any side effects with any other medicine, please stop using the other medicine if possible.
If you should not stop the other medicine, please stop using NCARE.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is updated frequently with the questions about the product. Please ask disease related questions to your doctor. Please click here for questions related to payment or shipping.

Questions About Use

?Why is the administration dosage 3-4 tablets per time; this is so many, isn't it?

To swallow easily; this administration method is preferred. For adults, It is enough to take 3 or 4 tablets per time. We recommend to take 3 tablets for beginning.

To administer usage dosage; instead of dividing tablet to 2-3 parts, small sized tablet form is preferred.

So old people and children can use product easily. For example, a 6 years old child will take 1 tablet per time 3 times a day. (3x1)

?Is 1 bottle enough for treatment?
While some people uses 1 bottle and get rid of the disease totally, some people needs additional bottle. There're too many factors that affect the result of product: grade (phase) of disease, weight of patient and other physical conditions. After 1 bottle use, If your discomfort ends, you may continue to use the second bottle by lowering administration dosage. After 1 bottle, If your problem is not completely ended, we recommend you to use the 2nd bottle without giving break. NCARE can be used consecutively for 40 days.
?DoesNCAREherbal tablet offer %100 absolute solution to the disease? Is it used for soothing or treatment?
NCARE heals the anal area and stops the symptoms of the disease (pain, ache, inflammation, itching, bleeding). NCARE has %95 success rate in clinical studies. If you check feedbacks; you will see that almost all of people are happy about results. As a summary, NCARE is used for treatment. After your complaints end, you don't need to use NCARE. But after the treatment, nobody can guarantee that you will not have this disease again. Because hemorrhoids and fissure can recur. This is the nature of the illness. If you prefer to have surgery instead of NCARE, this situation is same. For example; after you get rid of the disease, If you are constipated after 2 years, same symptoms can begin and you can welcome the same disease again. But don't worry; If the disease recur in future, you can use NCARE again. We recommend you to avoid the reasons of the disease not to repeat.
?Are there any side effects?
If NCARE herbal tablet is taken before meals on empty stomach, rarely it makes diarrhea or pain in stomach. Therefore you should take it after you eat something or snack.
Although NCARE herbal tablet have an effect for making defecation easier, very rarely it can make constipation. This side effect is seen on people who eat white bread, cakes, pastry and grilled red meat. In this case, lower the administration dosage and use a liquid medicine to prevent constipation. For example: Duphalac.
If you have high blood pressure, It rarely makes headache. In this case, lower the administration dosage.
?Can I use it with other drugs?
You should not use it with drugs about blood circulation, pain relief, hemorrhoids and fissure. Here's the most popular drugs that must not be taken while using NCARE.
  • Voltaren, Cataflam, Arthrotec, Dolorex, Dicloflam, Diclomec etc. (active: diclofenac)
  • Anestol, Xylocaine, Regenera gel, Procto-glyvenol, Haemoproct (active: lidocaine)
  • Anacaine, Topicaine, Kortos cream (active: benzocaine)
  • Enantyum, Ketodex, Arveles tablet (active: dexketoprofen tromethamine)
  • Aspirin, Ecotrin (active: acetylsalicylic acid)
  • Novalgine, Dipyrone (active: metamizole sodium)
  • Fludrex, Parol, Panadol, Acetaminophen, Minoset, Vermidon (active: paracetamol)
  • Motrin, IBU, Advil, Profen, Brufen etc. (active: ibuprofen)
  • Plavix tablet (active: clopidogrel)
  • Fragmin (active: dalteparin)
If you don't use medicine for ulcerative colitis (UC), or if you can stop using the medicine for UC during NCARE; you may use NCARE. If you feel any interaction with other drugs, you should stop using the other drug or NCARE. You may ask to your doctor about decision.
?Who should not use this product? May people who have diabetes or have heart disease or blood pressure problem use NCARE?
Pregnant women are not included in clinical studies. Plants in the product affects the blood flow. That's why pregnant women should not use. Women at menstruation period can use by taking 1 tablet per time. People who is diarrhea should use under medical supervision. If you are allergic to ingredients of the product, please don't use this product.
In clinical studies; there was no change in the results of blood routine test, urine routine test, BUN test, liver function test and ECG examination before and after treatment. This proves that people who have diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure problem can use this product safely. Very rarely, people who have high blood pressure, reported headache. In this case, administration dosage should be lower. People who have heart disease can lower the administration dosage (e.g. taking 2 tablets instead of 3 tablets per time).
We don't recommend NCARE tablet to dialysis patients and people who have chronic liver disease (hepatitis B) as precaution.
?Can it be used during breastfeeding?
Women recovering from childbirth (during 40 days after birth) should not use NCARE tablet. Breastfeeding women were excluded in clinical studies. You may use it If your baby is 4 months or older. If you use it before 4 months old, baby can feel some side effects: diarrhea, colic, sleep disorder. If you have to use NCARE before the baby is 4 months old, we recommend you to stop lactation but milk the breast not to stop milk production and give some alternative food to baby instead of mother milk during NCARE use. NCARE tablet may increase milk production.
?Can it be used during menstrual period?
If you use this product during your menstrual period, it can increase bleeding or intensity of bleeding or it can make irregular bleeding. Some people reported that it can increase the pain. We recommend you to lower the administration dosage per time (1 tablet per time) during menstruation. Some people use analgesic because of menstrual pain but NCARE should not be taken with analgesics.
?Can I use twice a day because of Ramadan (a religious month in Islam) ?
NCARE should be taken regularly 3 times a day without giving break. But during Ramadan, you may take 3 tablets in the morning (predawn) and 3 tablets after evening meal. In this case, NCARE has soothing effect, treatment process can take longer. It is better to use after Ramadan month.
?Can children use this product?
Administration dosage changes according to the age and weight. For children, we recommend you to use administration dosage according to the weight.
Children aged over 12 can take 3 tablets per time, 3 times a day (3x3)
Children between 6-12 years old can take 2 tablets per time, 3 times a day (3x2)
Children whose weight are 23-36 kgs (50-79 lbs.) can take 2 tablets per time, 3 times a day (3x2)
Children whose weight are 13-23 kgs (28-50 lbs.) can take 1 tablet per time, 3 times a day (3x1)
Children whose weight are lower than 13 kgs (28 lbs.) can take 1 tablet per time, 1 time per day (1x1)
Children aged under 10 should use under medical supervision. In addition, to protect the gastric mucosa, low-salted rice (with no oil) must be boiled and given them as supplement.
For 6 months old or older children; tablets can be crushed and mixed with food, fruit juice or water. But tablet's taste is a little sour and bitter, it can change the taste of food.
?I have a chronic disease. (Hypothyroid, goiter, irritable bowel syndrome etc.) Can I use this product?
We recommend you to use by lowering administration dosage under the supervision of doctor. So you may use it by taking 2 tablets per time instead of 3 tablets.

Other Questions

?What are ingredients of NCARE tablet?
1 bottle includes 120 herbal tablets. Each tablet is 480mg.

White Peony (Paeoniae alba) Flower Extract, White Peony (Paeoniae alba) Flower Powder

It does not contain any element or substances that is contrary to human health.
It does not include preservatives. Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, soy, milk, egg, shell-fish.

Product Packing

There's a cover under the lid to prevent tablets from air and moisture.

Product is film coated tablet form. It is not capsule.

There is no colorant. Tablet colors are natural brownish because of the plants.

?What does "Clinically Proven Success" mean?
From 1996 to 2005, clinical studies were administered in several universities under medical supervision. Here's the clinical study results tested on 305 patients with details.

hemorrhoid success rate

From 183 patients with haemorrhoidal disease, 174 of them was successful.
(%95.08 success percentage for hemorrhoids)

anal fissure success rate

From 122 patients with anal fissure disease, 115 of them was successful.
(%94.26 success percentage for anal fissure)

Success rate in the clinical study does not tell healing amount of the disease; It shows the percentage of healed patients according to the total. For example, in one of clinical study, there are 75 patients who have hemorrhoids in phase 1. After 1 bottle of use, 49 of them has cured. On 22 patients, it was prominently effective. On the remaining 4 patients, it was only effective. That means NCARE relieved 4 patients but not cured totally. There is no ineffective result. This result is called as "NCARE success ratio for hemorrhoids in Phase 1 is %100."
?How does NCARE treat anal fissure?
The main problem in anal fissure is contraction of sphincter muscles in anal area. In surgery, these muscles are cut a little and loosen. NCARE promotes blood circulation to anal area and makes the muscles normal without intervention. Therefore you get rid of this problem with no risk. Because of contraction of the muscles, circulation is not good and this prevents healing of fissure. After NCARE loosen the contraction, circulation becomes better and hot spot heals itself.
Pharmacologically, NCARE has many effects: anti-inflammatory (inflammation reducer), analgesics (pain killer), making stool easier, promoting blood circulation in anal area, inhibiting the permeability of peritoneal capillaries, increasing pain and ache threshold, shortening the coagulation time.
?How does NCARE treat hemorrhoids?
NCARE promotes blood circulation to anal area. If there is a circulation in any area, body heals itself around the area. This is the mechanism of body healing. Therefore it provides normalization of damaged blood vessels. Because of reducing swelling, shortening coagulation time and stopping bleeding effects; patient's hemorrhoids will become small and bleeding will stop. It moistures the intestines and this makes defecation easier.
Pharmacological treatment is supported by other features: Anti-inflammatory (inflammation reducer), analgesics (pain killer), making stool easier, promoting blood circulation in anal area, inhibiting the permeability of peritoneal capillaries, increasing pain and ache threshold, shortening the coagulation time.
?IsNCAREWhite Peony suitable for the treatment of anal fistula?
This product is used for the treatment of anal fissure and hemorrhoids. Anal fissure and anal fistula diseases are not same disease. Anal fissure is tear or cut on the mucous membrane of the anus. But anal fistula is an opening in the skin near the anus that leads into a blind pouch or may connect through a tunnel with the rectal canal. This fistula tunnel is covered with a special tissue so it cannot heal up by itself. Surgical operation is required to remove this special tissue.
For the anal fistula disease, you may useNCAREherbal tablet to reduce pain and inflammation. It will relief but it will not heal totally. Anal fistula requires surgical operation to heal completely. But after surgical operation you may useNCAREherbal tablet in low dosage to fasten the healing.
?I have constipation problem, Can I Use NCARE?
This product is used for the treatment of anal fissure and hemorrhoids. It has moisturizing effect for intestines but this function is not enough to get rid of constipation. You should care nourishment and supply your constipation treatment with some additional drugs.
We recommend you a special homemade drink: Put 1 desert spoon honey and 1 desert spoon apple vinegar into a glass of warm water. Drink this warm mixture in the morning on empty stomach. Please drink at least 2 liters of water during whole day.
?What is the shelf life of the tablet? What are storage conditions?
Shelf life is 3 years. Manufacture and expiry date is printed on the label.
Storage Conditions:
  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • Keep away from moisture for freshness and effectiveness.
  • Expiration date is printed under the box and on the bottle.
?When did sales begin for the first time?
Since 14th century, it was sold as a mixture of herbs in China. However, after 1996 it was produced in GMP certified facilities as tablet form. Clinical studies on various hospitals, clinics and universities yielded successful results and then It was sold in other countries. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Producer Registration Number is 15746493740.
In China and Hong Kong, it is sold in blister packing. In other countries, It is sold in bottle.

FAQ Updated: 25 June 2014


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  • E.A. / Ankara (30.07.2009) / Hemorrhoids

    I used your product on a regular basis and I was very pleased. I recommend this anyone with the same complaints.
  • M.D. / Izmir (01.08.2009) / Anal Fissure

    Something miraculous. I am the one who have fissure. I did not want to have surgery. I have tried this drug and I felt better. I thank you for saving me from a pain.
  • S.S. / Kayseri (13.08.2009) / Anal Fissure

    I bought because of my friend's recommendation. I begin to use it although I don't believe it will work. He said me "please continue to use whether you don't feel the effect at first 3 days" but I swallowed at night and then the next morning. My pain was ended after breakfast. Because of fissure, I was lying in pain in past. This time, it was my first time that I don't have pain after WC. I continued to use and I don't have fissure now. I hope I will not have again.
  • Y.D. / Eskisehir (15.08.2009) / Hemorrhoids

    I had bleeding because of hemorrhoids. Each year, in a certain period I have bleeding. I always sit in hot water to relax. This time I used NCARE. I felt better first day and then it was better and better and then I recovered it.
  • E.H. / Istanbul (15.08.2009) / Hemorrhoids

    I used it for 10 days. At first, I did not feel the difference but later it was really good. My bleeding stopped but hemorrhoids did not become small. At the last days, they became small and disappeared. In spited of this, I will order an additional bottle and use.
  • B.I. / Istanbul (15.08.2009) / Hemorrhoids

    I began to use but after a few days I had bleeding. I did not have bleeding for a long time. I was scared but you told me that it was normal. I continued. Passing each day, I was better. I got better before 10 days.