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Why NCARE Point?

Do You Know Your Disease?

Hemorrhoids (Piles) and Anal Fissure (Rectal Crack)

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If you have the disease or not, are not sure about it, do you know the grade ?
It is easy to know:

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How To Use?

NCARE PointEach tube includes 30 ml (1 FL OZ) cream.
Apply small dots of cream 2-3 times a day.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Questions About Use

?May I apply under eyes?
You may use very small dots of cream under your eyes only for purple spots and swelling (pouches). This is not an eye cream.
?Who should not use this product?
People who are allergic to chamomile or any of the ingredients should not use.

Other Questions

?What are ingredients of NCARE Point?
1 tube includes 30ml (1 fl OZ) herbal cream.

Witch Hazel  European Peony  Horse Chestnut  Calendula  Yarrow  Sage  Ginger  Gotu Kola  Horsetail 
Herb Extracts: Witch Hazel (Hamamelis), Peony, Horse Chestnut, Calendula, Yarrow, Sage, Ginger, Centella (Gotu Kola), Horsetail.

St. John's Wort  Rosemary  Peppermint 
Herbal Natural Oils: St John's Wort, Rosemary, Peppermint.
Other Actives: Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Glycerin.
?What is shelf life of the product?
There's no shelf life. If the cream is not opened, It will keep freshness. Storage Conditions:
  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • Keep away from moisture with lid tightly closed.
  • After the lid is opened, you should use all cream in 12 months.
?Where is the place of production?
NCARE Point is produced in Turkey according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. You may also check related general question by clicking here.

FAQ Updated: 27 January 2015

User Comments

  • C.O.

    Too many benefits with 1 cream. This senses not so good but I wanna try. It gives a warming feeling on hands and body. It moistens good but not very good for a very dry skin. If I compare it with creams in supermarkets, Point is very natural and have so many herbal ingredients. I think this herbs also have some kind of analgesic nature. It really sooths although I use very small amount. I am happy with ncare.
  • G.C. / Anal Fissure

    I thank your company. I have used NCARE cream and tablet together for anal fissure. It stopped aches, reduced swelling at anus and healed wound completely. When I got cream box in my hand, I thought it is very small, i would need additional box. But 1 box of cream is enough, it is really concentrated as you said. Appling very small amount is enough. Thank you.
  • F.E. / Hemorrhoids

    Cream is useful on many cases. But I recommend people to use small amount. It gives strong warning feeling if you apply very much. It really supports healthy hemorrhoid veins. In 2 weeks, it makes swellings soft and reduced.

    NCARE Point is concentrated cream. Applying smal amount is enough.