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Terms of Delivery

We've been shipping NCARE products internationally since 2010 and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied, repeat customers all over the world. You may order with confidence!

For USA, Canada, Mexico

  • We ship your orders via USPS Priority Mail (Small Flat Rate Box).
  • Your order will sent from USA Warehouse located in Ellicott City, MD
  • On Monday, Wednesday, Friday; If you give order before 04.30 PM by pacific time (GMT-8), It will be shipped at same day otherwise It will be shipped at next workday.
    On Tuesday, Thursday; If you give order before 3:00 PM (GMT-8), It will be shipped at same day otherwise It will be shipped at next workday.
    On Saturday; If you give order before 2:00 PM (GMT-8), It will be shipped at same day otherwise It will be shipped at next workday.
    If you give order on Sunday, It will be shipped at next workday.
  • If your delivery address is in MD/USA, delivery period is 1-2 workdays. If It is in another state, It takes 3-4 workdays.

General Terms

PTT Airmail shipping is free worldwide. When you choose airmail, orders will be sent via Turkey's postal service (PTT) and you will receive with your country's official postal service. Airmail delivery period changes according to the destination country. You may check average delivery time at the table below.

PTT Express shipping is not free; there will be additional shipping cost. Shipping cost is calculated during your order according to the country. Delivery period is shorter (generally 3-5 days). For example: USA $25, Ireland $18, Saudi Arabia $32.

After Shipment

International Delivery Time For Airmail

Country Delivery Period
USA 11-18 days
Australia 12 days
Azerbaijan 11 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina 12 days
Brazil 16 days
China 18 days
Denmark 10 days
Armenia 12 days
Georgia 10 days
India 16 days
Holland 5-10 days
Hong Kong 18 days
England (UK) 10 days
Iran 16 days
Ireland 10-11 days
Spain 10 days
Israel 10 days
Swiss 9 days
Canada 11 days
Kazakhstan 14 days
Country Delivery Period
Korea 16 days
Lithuania 12 days
Luxembourg 10 days
Hungary 10 days
Macedonia 10 days
Malaysia 17 days
Mexico 11 days
Norway 10 days
Portugal 12 days
Romania 9 days
Russia 18 days
Slovakia 9 days
Slovenia 9 days
Syria 10 days
Saudi Arabia 14 days
Chile 14 days
Tunisia 10 days
Greece 10 days
Other Countries 14-20 days

*** Delivery period depends on destination state in USA. If the delivery address is in MD, it takes 1-2 workdays otherwise 3-4 workdays.
Note: Express shipping is not free but it is faster for all countries (3-5 days)

Payment Methods

  1. Credit CardPayPal / Credit Card: You can use PayPal account or your credit card as a payment method.
    Via paypal, your credit card will be charged securely.
    You may click here to learn more about PayPal.

  2. Western UnionWestern Union: Western Union has more than 486000 agents around the world.
    You may transfer the money from any agent easily.
    There is %4 discount if you choose to pay via Western Union.
    You may click here to learn more about Western Union.

Return Policy

30 Days Money Back Guarantee: